A Comedy of Errors

or what it's like to be a single mom/nurse/scuba diver/eccentric soothsayer

Single mom, RN, widow x 6 years, 3 kids, certified advanced open water scuba diver, still trying to figure out life. Love music of all kinds, celtic anything, art, history, movies, laughter, tequila, wine, thai food, learning sushi, new experiences, dreams, surrealism, tattoos, rennaissance, camping, nursing, Mardi Gras...I have so many interests and not enough time. Hate liars and users, and I seem to meet more of those than anyone else lately. I'm fat and beautiful, with a heart of gold just waiting for the right person to be able to see it, sexy and just a little bit freaky. Maybe a lot freaky. I'm very shy at first, and tend to give too much of myself to men who don't deserve even a second glance from me. I ask questions when I want to know something and I will defend to the death known facts and even my not-so-humble opinion unless you can prove me wrong. I stand up for what I believe in, no matter how many times idiots try to knock me down. Stupid people have no place in my life, people who attack others because it makes them look 'important' have no place in my life. Joined QWLC 1/2008 and will hopefully become a new person within the next year!
6th street, 9-ball, adult swim, affection, all american rejects, alternative, alternative music, alton brown, art, austin, bald men, bands, beer, bhm, big handsome men, bikers, billiards, blue october, blues, boating, books, camping, candles, canvas, cartoons, celtic, celtic festivals, chai, classic rock, classical music, coffee, comedy, computers, concerts, cooking, cranberries, dachshunds, dallas, david bowie, dreams, dvds, ecology, faith no more, family guy, fat tire, festivals, finger eleven, fishing, flirting, forty-something, friends, fun, futurama, galveston, garbage, garfield, guiness, guitar, hamilton loomis, handcuffs, hanging out with friends, happiness, hard rock, harleys, harmony, health, hinder, history, houston, houstontx, hugs, incubus, intelligent people, jazz, joe satriani, jonny lang, kemah, kings x, kissing, korn, labyrinth, lakes, laughter, learning, led zeppelin, litha, loud music, mardi gras, medicine, meeting new people, men in glasses, metallica, monty python, motorcycles, movies, mozart, muscles, music, musicians, new experiences, nine inch nails, noble macaws, nursing, open markets, passion, picasso, pirates, poetry, pomeranians, pool, pop culture, puddle of mudd, rain, rallies, reading, rennaissance, rivers, road trips, rock music, runes, sailing, san antonio, sarcasm, scotland, scuba diving, sex, shakespeare, spoon, success, surrealism, sushi, swimming, tarot, tattoos, tequila, texas, texas city, thai, the beatles, thirty-something, thunderstorms, trees, u2, underwater photography, van gogh, vanilla and cinnamon, weight management, wine, zz top